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Zoot Sports was founded in 1983 in Kona, Hawaii, the home of the Ironman Triathlon World Championships. From the beginning Zoot Sports made performance apparel that catered to elite athletes competing in the then-emerging sport of Triathlon. In 1996, Zoot Hawaii moved to the mainland and Zoot has grown to be a global premier endurance sports brand, distributed across 22 countries. Zoot Sports (sometimes seen misspelled as ZootSports, Zoot Sport or Zuit Sports) produces a full line of men's and women's swimming, biking and running apparel. They have also recently introduced their WetZoot line of wetsuits, and the CompressRX line of recovery tights and compression socks.

Bra Technology


Compression uses elastic support fabrics to hold breasts closer to the body. Reduces the amount of bounce, but may produce a “uniboob” appearance which some women object to.


Encapsulation is another method of reducing bounce, encapsulation typically uses molded, often semi-rigid cups to contain the breasts. The shape of the cup, and the way it's built into the bra, limits movement of the breasts.

Many bras use a combination of compression and encapsulation to support breasts.

Underwire/frame support system

Stiffening components underneath the breast hold it up and provide shaping. May also contribute to the overall support of the bra.


Straps support the weight of the breasts by cantilevering it off the shoulders, much like a suspension bridge. Larger breasts require broader, non-stretchy straps.


Many A/B bras are designed to pull over the breasts. When there's a lot of difference between band size and bust size, it's difficult to pull on a bra that's suitably sized in the band, so most C/D/DD bras have a front or rear closure. To prevent chafing, the closure should be covered so that it's invisible to the skin.

For more information see our Sports Bra Sizing Guide