Indoor Stationary Cycling

Hints & Tips:

Cycling shoes are sold without cleats. You will need to purchase a set of cleats of the appropriate type to match the pedals used by your gym.

The most common pedal design for indoor cycling is SPD.

Video: How To Install SPD Cleats.

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Participants in indoor stationary cycling / Spinning® classes can benefit from a pair of shoes specifically designed for this activity. Indoor cycling shoes offer the following benefits:

  • stiffer soles enhance power transfer from you to the pedals,
  • a two-bolt cleat pattern that is compatible with the pedals used on most stationary / Spin® bikes,
  • ventilation and/or mesh fabric to help keep your feet cool, and
  • recessed cleats to make it easier to walk on hard surfaces.

Our top 2 most popular shoes for Spinning® are:

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6 products