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photo of Burner EBP Fin - FINAL SALE


was $34.95, save $19.96 (57%)
Sorry, this product is no longer available.

This item is FINAL SALE and is not returnable.

The Burner EBP (Elevated Body Position) Fin is a floating short blade fin that mimics race-day cadence while building lean muscle.

size chart See product details & size chart.

country of origin: Taiwan

See more product details.

See size chart. size chart

country of origin: Taiwan

This item is FINAL SALE and is not returnable.

  • constructed of ultra-soft high buoyancy rubber the fin helps maintain proper elevated body position while training
  • proper body position during training allows for raceday muscle development and helps simulate race pace conditions
  • short blade for training at race cadence
  • shorter cadence kicks help build fast twitch muscle fibers throughout the leg
  • shorter fin-bade provides just the right amount of propulsion to hone in on the perfect stroke
  • ergonomic foot pocket allows for decreased levels of tendon strain with efficient strength building for the ankle
  • no-slip Wall Gripper Footpad - keeps the foot anchored during flip turns and push-offs
  • each size is a unique color (see below)
  • sizes on bottom of fin indicate the men's shoe sizes

Each size has a unique color

Fin ColorOrangeGreenYellowRedBlue
Women's Shoe Size4.5-6.56.5-8.58.5-10.510.5-12.512.5-14.5
Men's Shoe Size3-55-77-99-1111-13
size chart
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TYR Burner EBP Fin Sizing Chart Burner EBP Fin Size Conversions
Size XS S M L XL
Women's Shoe Size 5-7 7-9 9-11 11-13 13-15
Men's Shoe Size 3-5 5-7 7-9 9-11 11-13

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4.7 stars 4.7 for Burner EBP Fin - FINAL SALE by TYR (3 reviews)

5.0 stars 5.0

Great Fins

(Advanced) December 30, 2013

I use these fins for triathlon training. Due to bone spurs on top of my feet, other fins did not fit well due to hardness of materials the fins are made of. They pinched my feet and were painful to wear. These fins are made of softer material. They work very well for my purposes. Quality of material is high. Fit true to size. Great purchase.

  • Pool
4.0 stars 4.0

Will they fit?

(Casual/ Recreational) June 14, 2013

I wear a 10 shoe and used the sizing chart tab to order a med yellow, 9-11. After I made the order I noticed that the tab size chart and the page charts didn't match. I was worried about the fins not fitting me. They are a bit snug but do not cause any foot fatigue. If in doubt go up in size. They make laps fun and yes they do position the body nicely.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Snorkeling
  • Pool
  • Sizing: Feels too small
5.0 stars 5.0

A Worthy Purchase

(Enthusiast) November 12, 2010

've used these twice. Today, I had them on for the final 600 yards of a two mile swim.

In short, I really like them a lot. Made of soft rubber, they are very, very comfortable. The blade is a bit longer than that of Zoomers. Since they are so buoyant, they live up to their claim of keeping your lower body aligned higher in the water, so I was really able to focus on both my stroke and body rotation. I was surprised at how easy it was to zone in on the rotation, which is something I have to work on due to physical alignment issues (slight case of scoliosis). Anyway, I was pretty tired by that point in the swim, so I kicked very gently.

I like them much better than Zoomers, which seem to work the legs more. Differences: Zoomers are made of an unforgiving, harder rubber. For that reason, Zoomers can be a bit uncomfortable on top of the foot, particularly by the toes. The EBPs are soft, like I mentioned, and I could pretty much ignore them.

Zoomers have a degree of buoyancy but the EPBs felt more buoyant to me (YMMV). Also, with Zoomers, I felt like I was having to work harder to kick. With Zoomers, it's easy to get too much zoom. Felt more in control with the EBPs but I definitely was going faster due to my legs being higher in the water. As terms of work intensity, the EBPs can go either way---they work great w/a gentle kick or you could challenge your legs/focus on your kick with them.

I think both Zoomers and EBPs have their place. Because I'm an endurance swimmer, I'll probably reach more for the latter, particularly when my legs need a break. They also are better at feeling a more balanced core rotation, which I will replicate when swimming w/out them.

  • Lightweight
  • Well Constructed
  • Durable
  • Great Value
  • Swimming
  • This was a gift
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  • UPC code: 0036702224925
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LFBP