CS500cad Cycling Computer w/Cadence

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CS500cad Cycling Computer w/Cadence

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Polar CS500 is designed for demanding event riders sharing the passion for cycling. With the over-sized display, rocker switch and new Dual Lock Bike Mount, CS500 allows quick and safe operation even at high speeds and raises the functionality of cycling computers to a whole new level. That is what the revolution of cycling is all about.

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  • Cycling speed and distance - Wireless speed sensor provides accurate and disturbance-free measurement of your cycling speed, distance, and pace.
  • Cycling cadence - Wireless cadence sensor provides accurate and disturbance-free measurement of your pedaling rate in revolutions per minute.
  • Altimeter - Records your altitude information for route profiling and displays your current altitude, and ascended/descended meters.
  • Inclinometer - Displays uphill or downhill steepness in percentages and grades, calculating that from the altimeter data. Numerical information helps you to track your efficiency effort accordingly

    Basic Features

  • over-sized 3 row display
  • Polar Owncode® 2.4 GHz W.I.N.D. transmission guarantees disturbance-free data communication
  • comfortable WearLink®+ textile transmitter measures your heart rate and seamlessly adapts to your body shapes, so you’ll forget you’re wearing one
  • user configurable displays
  • water resistant
  • low battery indicator
  • stores 14 files in memory

    Cycling Features

  • speed (actual, average and max)
  • distance for three bicycles
  • odometer for three bicycles
  • total distance of all training sessions
  • autostart/autostop
  • wheel-size settings for three bicycles
  • inclinometer
  • estimated time of arrival
  • altimeter
  • temperature
  • bike mount
  • CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. - provides your real time, average and maximum cycling speeds with 2.4 GHz disturbance-free data transmission
  • automatic display scroll

    Heart Rate Features

  • ECG accurate heart rate (%/bpm)
  • average HR per training session
  • Polar Ownzone®
  • graphical target zone indicator
  • HR based target zones with visual and audible alarm
  • Polar Owncal® calorie expenditure with altimeter calibration
  • laps with recall 99 - measures your time, heart rate and average heart rate on every lap
  • total training summary - keep track of the number of training sessions, total training hours, total distance, and total burned calories
  • drink reminder

    The Data Communication Device can be purchased separately from Polar for data transfer to polarpersonal trainer.com or your computer

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