Blue Seventy

Women's 2011 Reaction Longjohn Wetsuit

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photo of Women's 2011 Reaction Longjohn Wetsuit
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photo of 2011 Reaction Longjohn Wetsuit
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photo of Shown with Blue Seventy "Vision Goggle"
Blue Seventy

Women's 2011 Reaction Longjohn Wetsuit

was $239.95, save $99.96 (42%)
S M/S M M-L L L athena
Sorry, this product is no longer available.

The Reaction provides everything you need when it comes time to take your first plunge into the open water. A fantastic fit, central buoyancy panels and a blend of top neoprene designed to be comfortable and sit high in the water, allowing you to concentrate on your stroke, not your suit.

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size chart See product details & size chart.

fit: form fit
fabric type: synthetic
gender: women's

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See size chart. size chart

fit: form fit
fabric type: synthetic
gender: women's

Blue Seventy's Femme fit wetsuits are designed especially for the female form with refined shaping through the waist, hips, and bust; slimmer through the limbs, wrists & ankles; with reduced circumferences around the collar and neck.

Wetsuits can be a challenge to put on, so please check out these handy instructions on how to get into your BlueSeventy Wetsuit!

The Reaction has been designed with a unique air-cell front panel, which improves warmth by creating pockets of air within the suit without reducing buoyancy. The suit also includes full body low-friction coating. Combine these features with a suit praised for its superior fit, and you have the perfect mid range suit.

  • 4mm of durable Sheico Air Cell rubber throughout the core of the suit
  • streamlined zipper reduces drag
  • molecular air trapping neoprene rubber used in the central body panel for increased buoyancy and thermoregulation, is strategically placed to improve body position and conserve energy
  • ultra low friction coating throughout the suit which creates a lower drag coefficient and enhances aerodynamics (less water drag and higher speed)
  • contoured women's Femme fit design is available in a range of seven sizes, WS to WLA
size chart
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Blue Seventy Femme Fit Sizing Chart Women's Sizing
Height (feet.inches) 4.10-5.3 5.0-5.5 5.3-5.9 5.3-5.9 5.6-5.11 5.6-6.0 5.6-6.0 5.7-6.0
Weight (lbs) 108-121 117-132 123-141 148-173 139-154 145-165 165-190 185+
Height (cm) 147-160 152-165 160-175 160-175 167-180 169-182 169-182 169-182
Weight (kg) 49-55 53-60 56-64 67-78 63-70 66-75 75-86 86+

A=Athena. Please use weight as the primary measure to determine your size.

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