Women's Enduro Wired Bike Computer

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Women's Enduro Wired Bike Computer

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

A new look for an old favorite, the CatEye Enduro features a large, easy to read screen combined with a heavy-duty wiring kit for extra durability. Perfect for mountain or road use, it features standard cycling functions along with calorie consumption and carbon offset tracking.

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country of origin: China
gender: women's

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country of origin: China
gender: women's

Susan says: 10 years. 10 YEARS! That is how long my current Enduro 8 has been working. It's been on 3 different bikes over that time, and it's still rock solid. Incredible. While I can't guarantee yours will last as long, for $29.95, I think it's an excellent value.

    Computer dimensions - 2.18" length by 1.5" wide by .73" high. Weight - approx 28g

    Features and functions include:

  • speedometer - how fast am I going now?
  • total distance/odometer - how many miles have I ridden total?
  • elasped time - how long have I been riding on this trip?
  • digital clock - what time is it?
  • auto power on/off - extends battery life because battery isn't used if wheels aren't moving
  • KM & M selectable - you can have your readout display in kilometers or miles
  • max/average speed - what is my fastest and average speed?
  • calorie consumption - how many calories have I burned?
  • carbon offset - how many kilograms of carbon dioxide have I prevented from entering the atmosphere and polluting the air?
  • pacer arrow - tells you if you're going faster or slower then your average speed
  • 8 wheel size settings
  • battery for CPU: Lithium CR2032
  • CPU is handlebar and stem mountable
  • heavy-duty sensor wire is ideal for off-road riding and works well for a durable road setup
  • easy to install speed sensor mounting will work with most road and mountain forks
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