Chain Links



  • True Sport
    Comprehensive bicycle racing calendar and news for the grassroots racer.
  • VeloNews
    VeloNews is North America's journal of record for bicycle racing and is the world's largest competitive cycling publication.


  • Adventure Cycling
    Bicycle travel resource, with excellent maps, books, and special self-contained tours for the adventuresome two-wheeled traveler.
  • Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
    Answers such questions as why you should wear a helmet and when you should replace your helmet. Also provides a helmet buyers guide.
  • Bicycle Transportation Alliance
    based in Portland, OR, promotes bicycling for safer streets, cleaner air, and energy independence.
  • Commute By Bike
    Tips, news, reviews and safety for bike commuters.
  • National Bike Registry
    Since 1984, the National Bike Registry has been working with law enforcement to return stolen bikes to their rightful owners.
  • Rails to Trails Conservancy
    A 13-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching America's communities and countryside by creating a nationwide network of public trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors.
  • Team in Training
    A comprehensive endurance training program for runners, walkers, and cyclists to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The goal of Team in Training is to increase funding to support the Society's mission while promoting fitness & healthy lifestyles.
  • The League of American Bicyclists
    The League of American Bicyclists promotes cycling for fun, fitness and transportation, and works through advocacy and education for a more bicycle-friendly America.

Cycling Clubs

  • Alto Velo Bicycle Racing Club
    Based in Silicon Valley, California. Emphasizes all racing categories with special emphasis on Master's and Women's racing.
  • Arctic Bicycle Club
    Based in Anchorage, Alaska, ABC has road racing, mountain bike racing, and touring divisions.
  • Artemis Racing
    Artemis is dedicated to promoting and supporting women in bicycle racing on the road and on the velodrome. Artemis team members are located in the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia Metropolitan area.
    Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association. Sponsors women's only rides in the Cleveland, Ohio area.
  • Cascade Bicycling Club
    Possibly the biggest cycling club in the US with over 5,000 members. Great resource for Northwest cycling info as well as cycling-related issues.
  • Essex County Velo
    Located in Essex County, MA, ECV members participate in road, mtb and cyclocross events, and are active in local advocacy programs.
  • Mid-Valley Bicycle Club
    Located in Corvallis, Oregon, this club focuses on recreational riding and sponsors a GREAT summer century tour (Covered Bridge Century). Focus is on fun and fitness, though some members race.
  • Oakland Yellowjackets Bicycle Club
    a social, multi-cultural bicycling group for men and women of all ages with a 'no-drop' policy. Located in Oakland, California.
  • Velo Bella
    Velo Bella Monterey is a non-profit formed to promote safe cycling, teamwork, good humor, and healthy living with particular encouragement to female cyclists and juniors. While the core Velo Bella Team is a committed group of female racers, membership includes female cyclists interested in completing their first race, century, or even group ride.
  • VeloGirls
    The San Francisco Bay Area's only road cycling club exclusively for girls and women.
    The Women's Mountain Bike and Tea Society is a network of women of all ages and abilities who share a passion for pedaling in the dirt.

Triathlon Clubs / Coaches

  • Tri Sports Training
    Women specific triathlon training & coaching in the Hudson Valley of New York. How you train makes the difference and Dorothy Hamburg, M.S. Exercise physiologist and USA Triahtlon Expert Level II Coach can help you achieve your goals.


    A very active cycling discussion forum with a Womens Cycling section.
  • Gal From Down Under
    The self-indulgent ramblings of Lynette Chiang, shy, retiring, couldn't-navigate-her-way-out-of-a-paper-bag bike rider from Downunda, who in May 1997 pedalled away from security, prosperity (longevity?) on a small folding bicycle and then ...


  • Inside Triathlon
    A top site for multisport race results, news and feature articles.


  • Sweetpea Bicycles
    This is the bike that will love you back. Sweetpea Bicycles is Natalie and Austin Ramsland. Natalie designs the bikes, welds the frames, and generally makes things happen. Austin helps Natalie with everything else, and is basically eye candy for the customers.
  • Bike Friday
    High-end, custom fit travel bikes with 20" wheels that, because of their design, are ideal for small to average sized women.


  • Petite Bike Fit
    A good collection of resources, articles, reviews and advice to help petite women select a bicycle that fits.
  • Applied Graphics
    Highly visible reflective decals for helmets and bikes.
  • Cycle Logic Press
    This site, as well as promoting Neil's new cycle touring adventure book "The Lead Goat Veered Off," has numerous inspirational photos of Sharon and Neil's cycle tours in various countries.
  • Science of Cycling
    An excellent site that answers such questions as: What is a gear ratio? How do you stop and steer a bicycle? What forces keep the bicycle from falling over?
  • Women's Quest
    Women's Quest is a unique health and fitness program created by women, for women and designed to build confidence and empower women of all athletic abilities. Their retreats combine physical, mindful and spirit-filled activities with challenging adventures that encourage personal awareness, self-expression and a healthy lifestyle.