Other Policies

Out of Stock / Subject to Availability

Many of the items in our catalog are part of seasonal or one-time production runs. Once these items go out of stock they may not be available again. On any item, you will never be billed until and unless the product ships. If it necessary to break your order into multiple shipments as a result of an inaccuracy in our inventory quantities (TE error), we will pick up the cost for the additional shipments.

A customer purposely placing an order which contains both a known out-of stock item and an in stock item(s) has two options:

  • all items can be shipped together for one shipping fee as soon as all items are available to ship, OR
  • two separate orders (one for in stock items to ship immediately, one for out-of-stock items to ship when available) can be placed at the same time. Shipping charges will be applied to BOTH orders.

Special Orders

We are happy to check with our manufacturers and special order items that we do not stock. Special order items can only be returned if defective. They cannot be returned due to size or fit issues. To place a special order, please call us!

Sales Tax

There is no sales tax in the state of Oregon, where we are based. However, most states that do have sales tax require that their residents personally remit the appropriate tax for their out-of-state purchases. If you live in such a state, you are responsible for remitting your own tax to the appropriate taxing authorities.