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A Woman's Guide to Cycling A Woman's Guide To Cycling
Susan Weaver
Susan Weaver answers all your cycling questions. Learn how to buy a bike that fits your body and riding style, how to improve your fitness and technique, how to perform basic repairs, and most importantly, how to have fun doing it. Her enthusiasm shines through and makes you eager to get out there and RIDE!

Wildflower Mountain Biking for Women Wildflower Mountain Biking for Women
This is an excellent video for beginners. Sue Haywood, Trek/VW pro cyclist, provides step-by-step instruction in a clinic setting. On-the-trail riders apply demonstrated skills and provide inspiration as they tell their stories of overcoming challenges such as logs and clipless pedals. Skills include body position, ascending and descending, clearing obstacles, cornering, and slow speed riding. Additional segments include bike selection and fit, basic bike care, fitness and safety.

Graham Watson : 20 Years of Cycling Photographs Graham Watson : 20 Years of Cycling Photographs
Organized chronologically, this celebration of Graham Watson's images captures Eddy Merckx, Miguel Indurain, Stephen Roche, Sean Kelley, Greg Lemond, and Lance Armstrong at the peak of their powers. In the accompanying text, Watson describes how he achieved special shots, and the obstacles he had to overcome to capture fast- moving groups. Features 100 color and 50 black-and-white photographs.

The Essential Touring Cyclist The Essential Touring Cyclist
A Complete Course for the Bicycle Traveler
Richard A. Lovett
The name of this book says it all. Perfect for anyone contemplating taking to the road for an extended period - or even a long weekend. Even an experienced cycle tourist will gain lots of great ideas. Sections on equipment selection, riding skills, training for a long trip, aches and pains, camping, and choosing a destination.

A Wheel Within A Wheel A Wheel Within A Wheel
Frances E. Willard
Originally published in 1895, Frances Willard's tale of how she learned to ride a bicycle at age 53 will be a delightful and amusing book for any female cyclist today. She describes her riding outfit as "a skirt and blouse of tweed, with belt, rolling collar and loose cravat, the skirt three inches from the ground; a round straw hat, and walking shoes with gaiters. It was a simple modest suit, to which no person of common sense could take exception." My, we�ve come a long way, haven�t we?!

Cycling For Women Cycling For Women
The Editors of Bicycling Magazine
Women are given the answers they need to make a smooth entry into all phases of bicycling, from picking the right bicycle to touring Australia.
"Cycling is, after all, a sport for everyone. For women, it can be particularly rewarding because it puts us in command and in control. Improvement is easy; it simply takes practice. Success is measured by miles ridden and terrain overcome. It's a sport that's simultaneously exhilarating and grueling. The experience of any ride varies from elation to frustration, but the result is always satisfying." -- Connie Carpenter Phinney, Gold Medallist, 1984 Olympic Road Race

Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion
Graham Watson / Lance Armstrong
A 208-page coffee-table photographic book authored by Lance Armstrong and Graham Watson. This beautifully-designed book is a photographic record of Armstrong's incredible career between the beginning of 1992 and the end of 2003 - a career that Graham has followed and photographed intensely.

The Athletic Minded Traveller The Athletic-Minded Traveler: Where To Work Out And Stay When Fitness Is A Priority
Jim Kaese, Paul Huddle
As a first-of-its-kind U.S. travel guide for those who enjoy a good sweat and a healthy lifestyle, this book recommends the most fitness-focused hotels in three price categories and the best fitness venues such as health clubs, YMCAs, lap pools and running routes, in 78 popular U.S. travel destinations. logo