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  • Amy won our drawing for $1000 towards a cycling vacation with LunaTours - read about her trip to Iceland and see some of the great photos she took!
  • Susan Otcenas shares her experience as crew chief for Team Bag Balm's 2005 Race Across Oregon
  • Susan Otcenas recounts her 2004 cycling trip to New Zealand, including plenty of photos of the amazing scenery!
  • Lynette Chiang offers up an entertaining exerpt from her recently release book, The Handsomest Man in Cuba. In it, she shares stories and impressions from her self-supported tour through Cuba on a Bike Friday.

Gear up for your own bicycling adventure right here at Team Estrogen:

Online diarist Terri Rafter has had quite a few adventures on her bike recently. She has generously given us permission to reprint several of her entries here.

  • Butt-D-Luxe
    The young bike shop technician is horrified. "I am NOT putting THIS SEAT on THAT bike!" he sputters indignantly. In his hands he holds a plump, overstuffed bike saddle roughly the size of a small Sealy Posturepedic.
  • Ten Minutes
    "Ten minutes of misery," David reminds me. "Then it's over." I nod -- I know, I know -- and climb aboard the Schwinn, shivering. This is a ride I know by heart ... and by hamstrings.
  • Lessons In Bike Riding
    When they tell you that you 'never forget how to ride a bike' ... they're lying.
  • Hard Lessons
    The City of Alameda police officer is kind ... if not overly sympathetic. "Why would anyone leave an eleven hundred dollar bicycle parked outside their apartment?"
  • Rescued
    By the time I'd pushed my bike to the top of the 43,567,289th *vertical challenge* in a row, I was exhausted, sunburned, sticky with sweat, mad as hell ... and spoiling for a fight.
  • Saddle Up
    Eventually my rear end will grow accustomed to riding on something that feels like an $87.50 SHOEHORN.
  • The Taste of Victory
    The Moraga Hill has been the bane of my cycling existence for nearly a year now. I cried the first time we rode it, last spring...
  • The Big Spill
    I squeezed the handbrakes gently ... brought the bike to a slow, smooth stop ... and attempted to anchor myself to the ground with my left foot, as usual. Except that my foot was LOCKED IN PLACE by the goddamn TOE CLIPS.
  • Faking It
    Deep down inside, I knew I should just come right out and tell David the truth: that it wasn't working for me, the way it was supposed to work ... that it wasn't anything HE was doing wrong: the problem was me ... that I'm sure if we worked together on our technique, as a couple, we would eventually be successful.
  • The Adventure Begins
    Every muscle in my body is singing right now -- at least, every muscle from the waist down -- and the song I'm hearing is not "Oh What A Beautiful Morning."

There's an entire universe of blogger's out there! Here are more entries for your reading pleasure:

  • Bev Sykes is a brand new (again) cyclist, getting back in the saddle again at age 59. She was there at the Birth of the BOOBs.

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