650C Bicycle Tire Guide

(ISO 571, E.T.R.T.O. 571 mm, 26 x 1)

Compiled 4/2013 by Jeff Arasmith

650C tires can be hard to find, and our friend Jeff Arasmith helpfully put together this list of 650C tires. If you are looking for 650 tubes, you can find them right here at TE!

Want to learn more about bicycle tire sizes? Head on over to Sheldon Brown's site, maintained by Harris Cyclery.

MakeModelSizeBeadETRTOTPIwt (g)p/nSidewallPrice
BontragerRace Lite Hardcase650C x 25steel 60 89286grey$50.00
ContinentalGatorskin650C x 23steel23-571180260C1010123black$50.00
ContinentalGrand Prix650C x 23steel  290C1016223black$37.00
ContinentalGrand Prix 4000650C x 23folding  190C1020123black$67.00
CSTCzar650C x 23steel23-571120270TB51759300, TB51759100, TB51759200, TB51759400grey, red, blue, yellow$25.00
KendaKoncept K191650C x 23steel23-571 262044T4N39black$25.00
KendaKaliente Iron Cloak650C x 23folding23-571 198045T3040black$39.00
KendaKaliente K925650C x 23folding23-571120169 black$42.50
MaxxisXenith Hors Categorie650C x 23folding23-571120200TB51753000black$52.00
MichelinPro 4 Service Course650C x 23folding 11018551256black$57.00
MichelinPro 4650C x 23folding23-57111018551256/832502 black$57.00
MichelinPro 3650C x 23folding23-571127200 black$75.50
PanaracerCloser650C x 23folding23-57166180 black$66.00
PanaracerPasela Blacks650C x 25steel25-571 4108W625-18-Bblack$27.00
PanaracerPasela650C x 25steel25-57166270 tan 
SchwalbeUltremo ZX HD650C x 23folding23-57112718511600034black$80.00
SerfasTri Seca650C x 23folding23-571120200ST-TRI-23gray$37.00
SerfasUrbana650C x 28     black$30.00
TerryTellus TT650C x 28steel28-571 3622500403black$50.00
TufoC Jet650C x 19   295 Black/Black, Black/Yellow, Blue/Yellow, Red/Yellow$71.00
VittoriaOpen Corsa EVO CX650C x 20folding20-571290 1113021520111BXblack$65.00
VittoriaRubino Pro650C x 23folding23-571150206111.3L7.21.23.111BXblack 
VittoriaRubino650C x 23steel23-571 285111.3L8.27.23.111TGblack 
VittoriaDiamante Pro Light650C x 23folding 220165 black$64.00
VittoriaRubino Tech650C x 23steel23-57160  black$36.00
VredesteinFortezza DuoComp650C x 23folding23-571 232 black$60.00